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Ensuring Practical Merger & Acquisitions Deals

The companies underestimate the motive behind any merger & acquisition and they consider it as a goal to develop at a faster pace, while the main purpose has to be to complete the transaction in correct and systematic way for earning more benefits in the long term. We at Bhama Consulting understand the same and the whole process of an M&A is ingrained in our DNA. In the past, we have worked with many companies and steered them smoothly through all the ups and downs of it successfully.

Research tells that almost half of all the mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their goals, but we ensure that your company falls into the other half with benefits accruing to the merged entity as per the planned strategy. For any successful deal to occur there are certain prerequisites such as employees, top management, risk factors and various financial parameters along with various returns. Our teams of experts have deep knowledge of all the aforementioned prerequisites and provide the unique support that will fulfill all your needs. We have expertise over all the elements of an M&A project that includes:

Due Diligence

We are thorough when it comes to asking the big questions and confident that all your queries will be answered satisfactorily. We ensure that the sale and purchase that will take place between the firms is totally legitimate and our strategic approach in listing various risk factors during this process will enable you to create value out of the acquisition.

Structuring the deal

We believe that the investment should be made after a full thesis has been made regarding the investment. The success of the deal clearly depends on how well it has been planned and structured in terms of operations, sharehlding, taxation etc. At Bhama Consulting, this belief is deep seeded in our working process ensuring our clients that the acquisition adds great value to our clients.


Integrating the merger

A successful mergeror acquisition does not get fully completed even when the deal/term sheet is signed. The real test begins after the deal is signed and the initiation of the integration of the two firms. In order to make the deal profitable, there are certain critical steps that have to be taken. We help the companies formulate those tasks and make sure that all the integration tasks either big or small are dealt with details to avoid complications in the future.